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Mar 24, 2007
where there is no doctor

hey guys..hows it going?

i guess the med people must be busy with the upcoming finals..

but case you were wondering what to do with your super long break after finals..maybe you guys may want to check this out:

its like a mission run by this doctor in rural thailand, the trips are minimum of 1 week, and you can continue on from there if you are still interested. non med people can go for it too obviously..its basically just helping out these less priviledged people...

so yeah..good luck for the exams and take care! cheers

Posted at 05:51 pm by kairui
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Oct 28, 2006

Marcus is right...should do something to move the whole lot down in case anyone comes to this site and sees the terrible pic.... so im just going to write tonnes of rot to fill up the page! For those ppl who still come to this blog thinking its the blog we use, it isnt...or at least not so often maybe....anyway the new scone blog is:

THIS IS GOING TO BE MY LAST ENTRY IN THIS BLOG! (unless i decide to blog here again for some reason)....='( was good while it lasted! Now its all just history...oh well...when one door closes another opens! I really miss AC though... and as our CA draws near, i remember how we used to study in the hub before A levels...and how we raced on the roller chairs when we were'd never see that in nus...partly cause there r no roller chairs...haha...sigh...okay i think this should be enough to have shifted everything down! Yup! Okay im done then! Bye! See y'all in the other blog! God bless!

Posted at 12:35 am by DGY
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Sep 23, 2006
Daryl the Two-Timer

We all thought Daryl was a sweet boy who shied away from relationships of any kind... but recent developments have reason to give us pause.

On Tuesday, the 19th of September- Daryl was photographed with Michelle Kee supermarketing!

Now, everyone knows that men hate going shopping, and only go if:
1) They are forced to
2) They go because someone they "like" is going
And since we we know that Kee is too nice to force anyone to do anything... we can only conclude that his reason for going is the second one!

Then just yesterday, a Marcho photographer caught Daryl in the act of two-timing Kee... With Paul Lock!

He was *gasp* proposing?!

Stay tuned for more updates.

Posted at 04:15 pm by Denise
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Sep 18, 2006
WL the stupid/Yun Xin's flight/Shirt

I found out who was the idiot trying unsuccessfully to impersonate Daryl and I! During lunch, Christine, Wei-Liang, Xi Wern and I were talking about mooncakes, and Christine mentioned some fancy mooncake that Daryl gets from the Fullerton.
Wei-Liang exclaimed, "Wah! Daryl is rich shit-" then stopped.
But TOO LATE! I had heard the phrase! LOH WEI-LIANG YOU BUGGER. And he still tried to act innocent after that, but he was laughing too hard already. Grr!

Liang, you need to get a life!


But on another note- here are Yun Xin's flight details for those who want to say goodbye/see her off at the airport:

Date: 24th September (Sunday)
Flight time: 11.59 pm
Qantas QF 31
Terminal 1

For those that are going/want to go, we're meeting at the terminal around 9 plus because of extra security checks and all that.

You've probably already received the email, but just in case you didn't- after seeing Yun Xin off, we're having a sleepover (most likely at Paul's house, which is at Upper Serangoon if I'm not wrong), and the day after we're going out. It's HOLIDAYS FOR THE MEDICINE PEOPLE, HOORAY!

Ideas for the outing are welcomed, since Marc seems to be so stressed already. But then, he's always stressed, heehee.

Oh yes, speaking of Marc- he wants to make a Scone Alumni shirt (for reasons undisclosed) and he suggested the slogan: Back To The Scone Age. As usual, we have people -coughZHONGYANcough- that don't like the slogan, and we have to actually get designs out again. So if you think this is a futile effort, then please inform Marcho, but if you are bored in camp and doodle something that you WOULD like to have on a shirt, please inform Marc as well. =)

Posted at 04:18 pm by Denise
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Sep 13, 2006

I just woke up....and thats bad....

I was pretty stressed out today cause of all the lessons...especially our anat tutorial... everyone seemed to know soooo much and at one point i felt they were just making things more confusing than they really were.... but then it dawned upon me that maybe its just that i looked at things too shallow-ly, if theres such a word... so yeah... i made up my mind to go home and study...something which i havent really been doing...

So i got home, determined to study...i switched on the com....typed out what i wanted to complete by today (as a form of reminder and motivation), took out my books, opened my notes and got ready a big glass of water and started to thing i know, i wake up amidst my books and im still at the same page i started at....sigh....

Maybe im really suffering from sleep deprivation (or was it sleep depression) like caroline learnt abt in psychology 101...need to sleep 8hrs a day...

Posted at 06:06 pm by DGY
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Sep 8, 2006
Et tu, Brute?

Had this super long conference thing in school today...and will be in school tmr, a SATURDAY, from 9-5 for the second part of the conference! AHHH! Anyway, even though i knew it was going to be a long day, i was pretty happy cause i knew i was going out for dinner! At marmalade pantry! And i absolutely LOOOOOOOVE the crab caesar salad! Its wonderful! A little costly for a salad but it does have crab meat and it is a rather large portion! All in all, its just to die for....

So yeah after the conference, my mum picked me up from school so we could go straight to dinner. We got there pretty quickly and since we kind of knew what we wanted, we just waited for the waitress to come and take our order...then it happened...while waiting we heard the waiter at the table next to us say "The soup of the day is _____ soup. And im afraid we have run out of the crab caesar salad...." It all fell apart then...the thing i had looked forward to the entire day had been snatched out of my reach....sigh... it was just not meant to be....

Posted at 08:59 pm by DGY
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Sep 6, 2006
All About GOEI

Did I ever mention that our dear Goei never fails to crack us up in school? I love having him around. :D Here are a few quotable quotes from today!

(Ok this was some time back and said to Christine)
"Sweets are photons of happiness!"

(Over lunch today)
Daryl (D): ARGH NOOOO I can't go home today!!
Random person (RP): Huh, why?
D: Because there's another viewing of my house today!! I'll have to hide in the closet again!
RP: Why don't you just sit outside and say hi!! Ignore them or something...
D: Noooo but I don't like people staring at me, it's weird! And the viewing is at 5!! It's such an odd time, and I want to sleep!
RP: So just sleep lah!
D: But then they'll come in and disturb me! They'll say things like, oh... this room is 50 square feet... it's got a nice view here and here...
RP: (laughs)
D: The last time people came, I was in the closet for half an hour! Luckily it's pretty big so there was enough space for me to stretch out. I spent my time playing Snake in there! (On his handphone)
RP: WHAT! For half an hour?!
D: Yeah!!! Thank God for backlight!

And this happened during Histology practical today:

No prizes for guessing who. :)

Posted at 05:48 pm by Denise
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Sep 4, 2006

Yun Xin is leaving on the 24th of September around midnight! She feels paiseh having people go to see her off so she isn't telling many people about it. That's what I'm here for! :D

So yah, now you can't say you didn't know about it.

Posted at 09:35 pm by Denise
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Sep 2, 2006

hey there!

this blog is getting quite stale. revamp, aaron? anyway, sam jo's having his birthday party again this year. do come! we're meeting at newton mrt at 5.30, but if you wish to come down later on your own, his address is 14 kheam hock road. so come, alright?=D


Posted at 07:15 pm by wl2ider
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Sep 1, 2006

First and foremost...

HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY to all our teachers out there!!! Take a break and enjoy urself today!! Then u can get back to marking prelim scripts tmr!!

I was going to just leave it at that and not blog anymore but something happened today which really got me pretty irritated...You could say alot of ppl got my nerves...and its kind of funny since we learnt abit about nerves of the upper limb today....oh well....

Posted at 03:51 pm by DGY
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