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Aug 31, 2006

Ive been playing text twist again! And this time i managed to reach a super high score! 214,347 or something like that! But it wasnt fairly done i guess...cause i could always guess the 6 letter word but not the i played for abt 3 hrs or so before i got that score...haha... the funny thing is that 2 words which i couldnt guess were LIMB and ULNA! hahaha!....anyway...i would have gotten a much much higher score if i had more time to play! BUT the was another viewing of the i had to stop....

This time round i faced a bit of a predicament though...usually when there is a viewing, i leave the house so they can view the house without disturbing me and so they get to see the house without little ole me sitting in the middle of my room with the TV blaring....butt this time round my parents werent at home...and it was i was really stuck in the house... so yeah...that meant i would have no choice but to face the ppl viewing the house! AHHHH! Yeah, im pretty xenophobic so i really didnt want to be sitting in my room and have some complete stranger barging in on me and starting to talk abt how many square feet the room is and stuff so i decided to go and hide in the closet...

Sitting in the closet for just 20mins was really quite bad! It was dark and dusty and very cramp...i could only sit with my legs partially stretched out but thankfully the closet was wide enough for me to fit...or maybe...i was skinny enough to fit in!! Whee!!!!...i guess losing weight did come in handy....

Posted at 08:02 pm by DGY
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Aug 23, 2006
Oh Dear

At the request of Daryl- here's presenting our beloved class rep (who doesn't even know the address of this page)

Hard Gay handphone pouch (it really looks like leather) + bruised right eye which looks like eyeshadow = ?!?!

This was at the airport the other day- Jish's sunglasses and Marcho's BB cap

Posted at 08:10 pm by Denise
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Aug 22, 2006
...sad day...

Some days u know r going to turn out bad right from the was one of them...and it all started in our enzymes lecture withour wonderful entertaining lecturer...aside from haing a bit of a heavy accent, he was really quite bad.... he just kept reading off his slides at top speed and then would suddenly veer off topic and dawdle on that out of point topic for ages... and when it came to the more relevant topics he would once again rush through it...bah...

Then came the basic theory test...the test itself was great! I PASSED! And so did Marc! But yeah...first we queued up to register for the test only to find out we just needed to wait to be called into the room...and after the test i was so looking forward to seeing how i did but when i printed out the score sheet all it said was "Pass"...oh well... that wasnt too bad...we took a bus to the mrt to head back to school...the only problem was we didnt know which bus to take... so when we went on the bus i asked the bus driver whether it went to the mrt down the road and then he started mumbling and said something like "....glabelable...MRT...yerbalerahi..." so we just got on and it turned out the bus didnt stop anywhere near the mrt...bah again...

Then when we got to the mrt station i was pretty happy cause there was a ticketing office and i would be able to apply for my tertiary ez-link card! Got there only to find out it was closed...haha...oh well...hopefully tomorrow turns out better... practical first aid lessons...should be fun! Haha!

Posted at 09:49 pm by DGY
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Aug 21, 2006
Chasing 151

The first week of school has come and gone! And judging from the first week its been kind of a letdown....expected much more...learning more new stuff and so on...but so far its just been jc bio with a teeny bit yeah...but we've had a few anatomy lessons and i love those! Except for the pracs where we have to touch cadavers soaked with formalin (is that how to spell it?)...but it stings the eyes quite a bit... thats the only part i dont like... and coupled with having eaten before the prac the odour is quite nauseating too...more so than the cadavers themselves... and everyone is studying like mad!!! and its just the 1st week of school!!! CRAZY!!! I studied 3 pages of one of my books and had to stop cause i started to get really confused.... and thats just the intro... bah... 

At least i managed to finish studying my basic theory for driving! WHEEE! Test tmr at 3pm!! I MUST GET FULL MARKS!!! Im a partially trained transport supervisor! I MUST ger full marks! Hahahahahahahaha! Anyway, hopefully i can pass my driving thing soon...then i wont have to take the bus anymore.... if my parents let me drive the car...

For those who didnt know.... ive started taking the bus to uni....EVERYDAY!!! Wheeeee! I wake up at 6.20 and catch 151 at 6.50am. Yeah, its been really quite rough the past week... ive been super unlucky when it comes to catching the bus... i always seem to just miss the bus and have to wait for the next one...blah... once my mum actually raced with 151 to the bus stop so i could get on it...haha.... but yeah... ive also been unlucky cause ive had to sit in non-aircon 151 buses for the past 6-9 bus rides!!! Bah....and the worst thing is 151 gets super super crowded in the mornings making it all the more stuffy and uncomfortable... they really should think of upgrading all the buses to air conditioned ones...the old ones r not only hot but cramped too... so u either have to have really short legs so u can sit comfortably or u just take up 2 seats... i miss taking cabs...darn price hikes...  

Posted at 08:09 pm by DGY
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Aug 10, 2006

...i was so hoping uni would start proper this week...and i actually thought it did! until i found out that it was only orientation week...and there were no yeah...stuck at home for one more week trying to just find stuff to do...kind of funny how u always have alot of things to do when u have no time and have nothing to do when u have all the time in the world...anyway after some searching...i found it!

Virtual Villagers!!! Its a really cute game! Like one of those funny Sims games except its set on this island and u assign the ppl with different jobs and stuff! Really really fun and pretty addictive too! Unfortunately i only got to play for 1 measly hour...for free of course... i like it so much i actually wanted to buy it! Its the first time i've ever thought of buying one of these online 'downloadable' games! Yeah...but im afraid of buying stuff online with my mums credit card cause of identity fraud and stuff.... dont want to buy my game and find out later all the money has been siphoned out of her bank account... so yeah....decided against it in the end... sigh... which leads me back to the same point... boredom... bah...

Posted at 10:32 pm by DGY
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Aug 5, 2006
Class Gathering

Dear all sconers....
      There's going to be a class gathering to meet up with each other just before some of us leave for overseas studies. (dunno when most of them will return) =( Anyway, line's organising this and its going to be held at
     Din Tai Fung, Paragon,
     6 August
    12 pm
       Its actually on the tagboard but i thought it'll be better if i but it up on the blog proper...
I can't make it... *sob* will help spread the word though....

Posted at 08:24 am by Caprifoliacae
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Jul 28, 2006
Crikey, that hurt!

Hello!!! I just got back from melbourne yesterday at was wonderful over there! The weather was excellent at max of 16 degrees and the sweets and chocolates were so cheap too! There was food everywhere! And the fruits were pretty cheap too! Especially the strawberries! They were like $3 a box so we bought a whole carton! The food was sooo good, i gained abt 3kg within 7days! Amazingly enough, i only bought one pair of pants even though we went shopping almost everyday...i spent most of my money on the fish and chips there! Oh im no longer unhappy abt the price hikes in the cab fares over here...cause the fares in australia are so much higher than here! The meter jumps super fast! I think it was abt 10cents per 100m...well it seemed like that...every cab fare was no less than $20...and we didnt travel very glad to be back in singapore....except for the weather....

and today i had my wisdom teeth extracted...All 4! It took abt 2.5hrs to get them all out..including stitching and all..the most painful part had to be the first anaesthetic jab...especially the one to the palate...really quite stinging...but after that it was painless even with all the drilling and yanking...i accidentally bit the dentist's finger thinking it was a gauze...heh...So now i look like a hamster and cant feel my lower jaw at all...its kind of a nice sensation actually...the only problem is eating and drinking water....everything just comes out...heh...i was come something can feel numb when the numbing effect is meant to stop u from feeling?

Posted at 12:30 pm by DGY
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Jul 25, 2006

We have one more class chauffeur! :D

Posted at 10:16 pm by plock
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I've passed my driving test! :D

Posted at 01:22 pm by Denise
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Jul 23, 2006

WAH guess wat! our beloved FAT HOPE aka class rep aka low weiliang is on the papers today! both english and chinese! HES FAMOUS! congrats weiliang (if you still remember this url that is)

and for the rest of the sconers go read go read! theres a report on zhiheng too..haha all acjc! dig that RJ PPLE! and all acsi! dig that all non acsi pple! =)


Posted at 09:31 pm by plock
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