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Jul 17, 2006
Back to school!

Went back to school today with alan and nick! Paul and a few other 29th councillors were there too cause of the handing over of duties from 30th to 31st councillors thingy...yeah... It was really great being back in ACJC and seeing ms tang, mrs choong, mr kuna and a few other teachers again!

Even though its been abt 4 months since ive last gone back quite alot has changed!..or maybe im just a little out of the loop...but yeah... Mr. Loo is vice prinicipal!!! It was kind of a shock when we heard that...was wondering why he was sitting on the red chair on stage...heh...oh and they have a guardhouse now!...Though i dont think there isnt any point...nick and i walked past the gates without being stopped...maybe having the guardhouse makes the guards feel more reluctant to stop ppl...who would want to get up from sitting just to take down someones particulars afterall...oh and they have quite a few more bio teachers too...but thats kind of expected... even though so much has changed and ive been gone for so long ACJC still feels like home to me! 

Posted at 03:35 pm by DGY
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Jul 13, 2006

...drove past acjc today and i saw something new! They put up a fence between the road outside the school! Havent been there for quite sometime so i dont really now if its that new or not...but yeah...looked new to me! I pity the poor they cant just cut across the road... haha... i guess they put it up so parents cant make u-turns after dropping off their children... heh...

Im going to start driving again! Well after i take the basic and final theory tests that is... hopefully i will be able to pass the first time round... not sure if i can remember what i learnt so long ago... Its really amazing how many ppl there r learning how to drive... marc and i tried to book dates for our basic theory tests on weekends but they were all booked up...for the next 3 months! Its crazy! And even on weekdays all the evening slots r gone! Madness! And thats just for the theory tests! I shudder to think abt the practicals... There goes my chance of getting my license by the end of this year...

Posted at 06:56 pm by DGY
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Jun 30, 2006
...dollars and sense...

Having all the time in the world is great!...if u have things to do...and unfortunately today i just didnt have anything on my schedule...

It would have been alright if i could just stay at home but there was a viewing of my house today so i had to get out of the house.....and everyone else in my family had things on except me....which meant i had to find some way to pass my in the end i went to cold

Anyway it was quite an experience! I learnt quite alot there actually... heh... for one i know that they sell fish bones for $6.10/kg! I dont get why fish BONES cost so much? Its the part which no one actually eats and it still costs so much! Ridiculous!Wouldnt it be so much more sensible and worthwhile to just buy the whole fish? It might cost a little more but u would have both the fish meat and the bones to make soup! And u would be sure that the fish is fresh! The fish bones they sell could easily have come from an old fish! I guess we pay more for the convenience than the substance....

And eggs! Wow there r so many many many kinds of eggs! White eggs, preserved eggs, century eggs, eggs covered in the funny wood shavings and normal eggs. And each of those eggs also have different categories! Small eggs, medium eggs, large eggs, extra large and even JUMBO eggs! Eggs with beta carotene, eggs with omega 3 and omega 6...the list goes on...what was ridiculous is that a carton of 10 Organic Selenium Eggs costs $3.80!!!! Madness! i dont even know whats so special abt them... they looked pretty normal to me... and how can they be organic if they have selenium injected or somehow introduced into them? Pretty strange... oh and i dont get why extra large eggs cost more than normal eggs when supposedly the larger the egg, the older the hen that laid it... and the older then hen the less nutrition there is in the egg... so rightfully they should be cheaper... i think its easiest to just stick to the normal sized no frills eggs...cheapest...

The reason why ive become so familiar with eggs and fish bones is cause i spent 1hr and 15mins just walking around cold storage reading all the labels and price tags and the best thing is...i didnt even buy anything at all! Maybe shopping isnt too bad afterall......

Posted at 05:59 pm by DGY
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Jun 25, 2006

first let me say i generally find taxi drivers very friendly and nice ppl but there are a few out there who really get on ur nerves...and fortunately for me i had to bump into one today...sigh...

i dont quite get why taxi drivers ask u which way u want to take to get to ur destination...i mean...if they all lead to the same place then what does it matter which way is taken??? and if its to do with distance, which equates to the price, then i feel they should choose the shortest route to take and not depend on the customer! its as if the driver expected me to know how to get from one part of singapore to any other part of singapore.....its not like its my job to know every route in singapore...the worst part is that he kept on mocking me! i wasnt sure how to get back so i just said take farrer road...then he gave me this incredulous stare and said "huh? farrer road, ah? then i must make u-turn and go back that way!" then he started laughing and continued "U can just go straight down clementi and pass ngee ann poly and turn into bukit timah and that is it what? Why u want to take farrer road for?" He kept on saying this for the next 5mins or so acting as if it was the most obvious thing in the world....and when i told him to go the fastest way possible after that he continued  to go the farrer road way...bah...just drives me mad when ppl act like that...the worst part is initially when he asked which way i wanted to take i said anyway would do but he insisted i choose.....BAH!

...what a twit...

Posted at 10:10 pm by DGY
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Jun 23, 2006

Just had another exercise this week...thankfully it was only 2 days 1 night...heh...but it was bad was seriously a big waste of time.... everything we were supposed to learn we had learnt before...and the bad part was that we had to wrok with seniors...1st sergeants and yeah...we basically ended up doing all their crap for them...we did the sentry duty in 3hr shifts cause they didnt want to help us with the shifts, we had to camouflage 3 vehicles while they only did 1( there were 13 of us and at least 13 of them), and we had to fill up 35 jerry cans of which we only used abt 3 in the was ridiculous...we had to protect this one area and so we were meant to lie on the ground and stuff and it just the seniors decided to lie on the relatively dry ground while they told us to go lie in the grassy wet sergeant actually stepped on the ground which made a loud squish sound and he said "Oh this part is dry! U can prone on it!"....grrrr...

Oh oh oh! The thing which really infuriated me is how one of the seniors stole my helmet!!! Horrid! I had left my helmet in the junior's truck and when i went back to look for it it had disappeared! I looked for it everywhere but found nothing! Then one of my coursemates told me one of the seniors had gone to the juniors truck and asked him to pass one of the helmets inside to him! And he clearly knew it didnt belong to him cause the seniors put all their stuff in their own truck! TERRIBLE! Well i went to the senior's truck and found my helmet eventually...what makes that darn senior think he could get away? He's probably been in the army for at least 6 yrs! My helmet (according to the label on the inside) was manufactured in 04-05! Hah! Anyway, my helmet was the cleanest so i could recognise it anywhere... he almost cost me $500!!! Evil klepto...oh well...i decided to avoid confrontation and not sound him off....maybe i was being too nice...

But its all over now and i dont think i will ever have to see them again! Yay! Im so happy!

Posted at 10:42 pm by DGY
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Jun 14, 2006
Gan's Dinner

Let me first say that Gan is incapable of being a man sometimes. Grr.

Anyway details:

Place: The Balcony (@ The Heeren)
Date: Friday, 16th June

Time: 1930

We know that some of you book out slightly later, so we've pushed back dinner a little. It's a reservation, so for the rest of you that don't have prior commitments, please try to come down early. We're gonna reserve for 14... hopefully that'll give enough room for latecomers. Kai Rui's coming, and once army starts again for the boys, I don't think it'll be that easy for you all to see the girls who are flying off and stuff so do come down.

Posted at 11:39 pm by Denise
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Jun 13, 2006

Exercise playtime cut! Wheeee! Hahaha! Hearing those words last friday gave me a huge boost of energy even though it was 4am. Anyway, it was really tiring even though it was only 3 days and 2 nights long. Trying to get along with ppl who have hardly slept is really quite hard...they just seem to go mad...very grouchy...i prefer it when ppl get stoned...thats so much more peaceful. Im getting quite irritated with some ppl in my surprise there... i guess its inevitable...

It seems like the only ppl im getting irritated with r the trainees who r regulars... They just seem to think they r all that...especially those with ranks...but in actual fact they r just trainees like the rest of us! What makes them any better than us? Especially the sergeants! Whoa....sometimes i just feel like yelling at them and giving them a good knock on their heads! Why should i respect them if they dont respect me? Just today i almost blew my top infront of the course commander when the 1st sergeant threw my donation card on the floor shouting at me cause i hadnt signed it yet.The thing is that i had asked my commander earlier if i needed to sign my card and he had said NO! Sigh....and the darn sergeant didnt even apologise... thats another problem...they have too much pride... they think they've worked so hard to earn their rank that if they've made a mistake against someone of lower rank than them they dont need to say a simple 'sorry' or 'i apologise'...bah...

i really think he has something against me... always picking on me and me only! well almost...but still...i never did anything to him! Why should he pick on me??? I must look too nice...Maybe next time i'll put on a fake ear piercing and draw on a few scary tattoos on my arms and swagger wherever i go, scowling at everyone and everything. Then we'll see if anyone picks on me! RARH!!!!

Posted at 12:04 am by DGY
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Jun 5, 2006
CBC Outing

You'd be surprised at:

1) How many people don't read their emails, but read this instead,
2) Are not in the Scone Yahoo Group.

So for publicity's sake (and because no one's really bothering to make an effort to ask about the outing), here's the final details straight off Jonk's email.


We'll be going to Changi Beach Club [ ]
at No. 2 Andover Road, Singapore 509984
When: Saturday, 10 June
Where: 2pm at TAMPINES MRT
What to expect: beach(:, swimming, bowling/pool for those interested
What to bring: change of clothes, swimming stuff, beach games (:, playing cards, CAMERA, etc.. paul can bring his guitar too (:
COST: $20 (includes guest fees, use of facilities & dinner)
We'll reach the club at about 3pm, and you're free to go have whatever fun you all want.. then by about 6pm we'll all wind down and watch the sunset together (: before we have our buffet-style dinner by the beach (:
then we shall head home, happy and content!

Posted at 10:54 pm by Denise
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June Holidays

Its the june holidays! But unfortunately i cant enjoy it at all...sigh...i really miss the old days when i could spend my entire day just lazing around doing nothing, just having the freedom to do whatever i wanted...and here i am now...watching the hands of my clock zoom around so quickly...knowing that my time out is running short...sigh...and worst still ive got to go for field camp for the rest of the week! Exercise Playtime here i come. How cruel...its like they r mocking going to miss my bed...and the food at home...and a proper toilet and shower...oh least on friday i get half a day off...on a side note...whats up with knee high socks? Red ones at that! ...yuck...

Posted at 09:36 pm by DGY
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May 31, 2006
Yesterday once more...

This entry is dedicated to all 2sconers...dunno how many of u read this blog..but im still gonna write this...

i know its the june hols and the A levels beckons. yes we know the teachers are stressing u up, so are ur parents and ur crazy peers who mugged loooong looong ago (lif im not referring to u=p) but dun worry...remember that we've all been there before, and hundreds have survived, and if not, excelled in dun worry k...just put in ur fair share of mugging and God will definitely reward u for it. So take do start cutting down on ur activities and start mugging...once u get ur engine started it wont be that hard! Kambate!

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  (Jer 29:11)





Posted at 10:21 pm by plock
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