Entry: Crikey, that hurt! Jul 28, 2006

Hello!!! I just got back from melbourne yesterday at 12.30am...it was wonderful over there! The weather was excellent at max of 16 degrees and the sweets and chocolates were so cheap too! There was food everywhere! And the fruits were pretty cheap too! Especially the strawberries! They were like $3 a box so we bought a whole carton! The food was sooo good, i gained abt 3kg within 7days! Amazingly enough, i only bought one pair of pants even though we went shopping almost everyday...i spent most of my money on food...love the fish and chips there! Oh im no longer unhappy abt the price hikes in the cab fares over here...cause the fares in australia are so much higher than here! The meter jumps super fast! I think it was abt 10cents per 100m...well it seemed like that...every cab fare was no less than $20...and we didnt travel very far....im glad to be back in singapore....except for the weather....

and today i had my wisdom teeth extracted...All 4! It took abt 2.5hrs to get them all out..including stitching and all..the most painful part had to be the first anaesthetic jab...especially the one to the palate...really quite stinging...but after that it was painless even with all the drilling and yanking...i accidentally bit the dentist's finger thinking it was a gauze...heh...So now i look like a hamster and cant feel my lower jaw at all...its kind of a nice sensation actually...the only problem is eating and drinking water....everything just comes out...heh...i was wondering...how come something can feel numb when the numbing effect is meant to stop u from feeling?


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