Entry: ...bahhh... Aug 10, 2006

...i was so hoping uni would start proper this week...and i actually thought it did! until i found out that it was only orientation week...and there were no lessons...so yeah...stuck at home for one more week trying to just find stuff to do...kind of funny how u always have alot of things to do when u have no time and have nothing to do when u have all the time in the world...anyway after some searching...i found it!

Virtual Villagers!!! Its a really cute game! Like one of those funny Sims games except its set on this island and u assign the ppl with different jobs and stuff! Really really fun and pretty addictive too! Unfortunately i only got to play for 1 measly hour...for free of course... i like it so much i actually wanted to buy it! Its the first time i've ever thought of buying one of these online 'downloadable' games! Yeah...but im afraid of buying stuff online with my mums credit card cause of identity fraud and stuff.... dont want to buy my game and find out later all the money has been siphoned out of her bank account... so yeah....decided against it in the end... sigh... which leads me back to the same point... boredom... bah...


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