Entry: ...sad day... Aug 22, 2006

Some days u know r going to turn out bad right from the start...today was one of them...and it all started in our enzymes lecture withour wonderful entertaining lecturer...aside from haing a bit of a heavy accent, he was really quite bad.... he just kept reading off his slides at top speed and then would suddenly veer off topic and dawdle on that out of point topic for ages... and when it came to the more relevant topics he would once again rush through it...bah...

Then came the basic theory test...the test itself was great! I PASSED! And so did Marc! But yeah...first we queued up to register for the test only to find out we just needed to wait to be called into the room...and after the test i was so looking forward to seeing how i did but when i printed out the score sheet all it said was "Pass"...oh well... that wasnt too bad...we took a bus to the mrt to head back to school...the only problem was we didnt know which bus to take... so when we went on the bus i asked the bus driver whether it went to the mrt down the road and then he started mumbling and said something like "....glabelable...MRT...yerbalerahi..." so we just got on and it turned out the bus didnt stop anywhere near the mrt...bah again...

Then when we got to the mrt station i was pretty happy cause there was a ticketing office and i would be able to apply for my tertiary ez-link card! Got there only to find out it was closed...haha...oh well...hopefully tomorrow turns out better... practical first aid lessons...should be fun! Haha!


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