Entry: All About GOEI Sep 6, 2006

Did I ever mention that our dear Goei never fails to crack us up in school? I love having him around. :D Here are a few quotable quotes from today!

(Ok this was some time back and said to Christine)
"Sweets are photons of happiness!"

(Over lunch today)
Daryl (D): ARGH NOOOO I can't go home today!!
Random person (RP): Huh, why?
D: Because there's another viewing of my house today!! I'll have to hide in the closet again!
RP: Why don't you just sit outside and say hi!! Ignore them or something...
D: Noooo but I don't like people staring at me, it's weird! And the viewing is at 5!! It's such an odd time, and I want to sleep!
RP: So just sleep lah!
D: But then they'll come in and disturb me! They'll say things like, oh... this room is 50 square feet... it's got a nice view here and here...
RP: (laughs)
D: The last time people came, I was in the closet for half an hour! Luckily it's pretty big so there was enough space for me to stretch out. I spent my time playing Snake in there! (On his handphone)
RP: WHAT! For half an hour?!
D: Yeah!!! Thank God for backlight!

And this happened during Histology practical today:

No prizes for guessing who. :)


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