Entry: Et tu, Brute? Sep 8, 2006

Had this super long conference thing in school today...and will be in school tmr, a SATURDAY, from 9-5 for the second part of the conference! AHHH! Anyway, even though i knew it was going to be a long day, i was pretty happy cause i knew i was going out for dinner! At marmalade pantry! And i absolutely LOOOOOOOVE the crab caesar salad! Its wonderful! A little costly for a salad but it does have crab meat and it is a rather large portion! All in all, its just to die for....

So yeah after the conference, my mum picked me up from school so we could go straight to dinner. We got there pretty quickly and since we kind of knew what we wanted, we just waited for the waitress to come and take our order...then it happened...while waiting we heard the waiter at the table next to us say "The soup of the day is _____ soup. And im afraid we have run out of the crab caesar salad...." It all fell apart then...the thing i had looked forward to the entire day had been snatched out of my reach....sigh... it was just not meant to be....


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