Entry: WL the stupid/Yun Xin's flight/Shirt Sep 18, 2006

I found out who was the idiot trying unsuccessfully to impersonate Daryl and I! During lunch, Christine, Wei-Liang, Xi Wern and I were talking about mooncakes, and Christine mentioned some fancy mooncake that Daryl gets from the Fullerton.
Wei-Liang exclaimed, "Wah! Daryl is rich shit-" then stopped.
But TOO LATE! I had heard the phrase! LOH WEI-LIANG YOU BUGGER. And he still tried to act innocent after that, but he was laughing too hard already. Grr!

Liang, you need to get a life!


But on another note- here are Yun Xin's flight details for those who want to say goodbye/see her off at the airport:

Date: 24th September (Sunday)
Flight time: 11.59 pm
Qantas QF 31
Terminal 1

For those that are going/want to go, we're meeting at the terminal around 9 plus because of extra security checks and all that.

You've probably already received the email, but just in case you didn't- after seeing Yun Xin off, we're having a sleepover (most likely at Paul's house, which is at Upper Serangoon if I'm not wrong), and the day after we're going out. It's HOLIDAYS FOR THE MEDICINE PEOPLE, HOORAY!

Ideas for the outing are welcomed, since Marc seems to be so stressed already. But then, he's always stressed, heehee.

Oh yes, speaking of Marc- he wants to make a Scone Alumni shirt (for reasons undisclosed) and he suggested the slogan: Back To The Scone Age. As usual, we have people -coughZHONGYANcough- that don't like the slogan, and we have to actually get designs out again. So if you think this is a futile effort, then please inform Marcho, but if you are bored in camp and doodle something that you WOULD like to have on a shirt, please inform Marc as well. =)


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