Entry: LAST ENTRY!!!! Oct 28, 2006

Marcus is right...should do something to move the whole lot down in case anyone comes to this site and sees the terrible pic.... so im just going to write tonnes of rot to fill up the page! For those ppl who still come to this blog thinking its the blog we use, it isnt...or at least not so often maybe....anyway the new scone blog is:


THIS IS GOING TO BE MY LAST ENTRY IN THIS BLOG! (unless i decide to blog here again for some reason)....='(....SNIFF...sigh....it was good while it lasted! Now its all just history...oh well...when one door closes another opens! I really miss AC though... and as our CA draws near, i remember how we used to study in the hub before A levels...and how we raced on the roller chairs when we were bored...sigh...you'd never see that in nus...partly cause there r no roller chairs...haha...sigh...okay i think this should be enough to have shifted everything down! Yup! Okay im done then! Bye! See y'all in the other blog! God bless!


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