nick » hey can you make it easier to search for entries from those times long long ago? haha. very hard eh.. the calendar.. and don't redirect. otherwise how to visit this blog?
RoN » hm. i shld put in a redirecting thing.. but how?
ailene » hi guys!!!!! its my first time in here!!
ailene » hi guys!!!!! its my first time in here!!
daniel » HNY y'all!
RoN » er hm probably 1 million and 1
boonleong » who is chris and why is he pretending to be sa1?
chris » Here's another question: What is the smallest number of corners in an art gallery which requires more than one million guards to see its entirety at one time? n/3
chris » does anyone know?
chris » what is the smallest prime number greater than one million?
DGY » ....-_-"....
Caprifoliacae » That's the Lock & Key hypothesis eh?? Falling in love with both at the same time!! ha!
plock » it there as evidence of daryl's infidelity! =(
Caprifoliacae » Someone should blog here to move daryl's incriminating photo to the btm of the page. ha! I wonder what MT will think when she sees this!! =X
nick » yeah haha. mich kee uses micha. haha. stupid fat liang. haha.
DGY » aiyoh....i dont know whether its really michelle or not...might be that twit of a wei liang again...
Caprifoliacae » ha! 1st time i'm seeing Mich Kee getting so defensive! =X
michkee » plock stay away from daryl...he's mine!!!
RoN » hehe ok put up more links on the other one den
denise » oi don't anyhow drag me into it! you're the clever person who wanted to use blogspot for blogdrive
nick » i mean heh
nick » hey guys denise and i did it. wanted to change the template but we used blogspot so..
RoN » tsk daryl ur dirty secret is out!
marced » Hehe.. we should make a story out of Daryl's life =p
DGY » tu, michelle?
michk » omg! YOU TWO-TIMER! i knew it.. it was too good to be true *sob*
Caprifoliacae » i'll have a shirt (hope marc read this blog... ha!) And Sheesh Daryl!!! Two-timing..... tsk tsk.....
Denise » sheesh i'm just providing entertainment
kennyworm » medicine too easy for denise already =P
boonleong » if all you ever do is take photos of your classmates shopping, you seriously need to find something to do with your time.
ron » yay i got off on mon! heh so im going
zY » huh i said i didn't like the slogan meh? how come i can't remember. heh=p
kai » i want too!!
line » I want a T-Shirt! I think the slogan is cool!
crab » why you dun like eat my salad
DGY » !
DGY » how dare u..wei-liang u watch out!
denise » yes wei-liang you can stop pretending now you stupid POK
DGY » how dare u..denise u watch out!
denise » ^_- gee.. using my name in vain huh. i don't even speak like that, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with crab caesar salad
denise » goei is some high-class shit man..crab caesar salad...tsktsk
nick » daryl.. touched by who? weiliang, right? haha
dezhi » my unit's BSO looks like Miss Tang O.O
kenjibye » can i have him denise?
r.cheung » we all love him!!!
r.cheung » we all love him!!!
seefatt » i love him too!
kenjibye » i love kevin teo
DGY » entire post dedicated to touched...
denise » haha but i'm lazy and i'm not happy with what i've done so far =b i'm sure i can get more flattering photos
RoN » haha i got time meh? denise was supposed to be coming up with a new layout =p
Caprifoliacae » Daryl Goei! Stop playing text twist!!! =( bah... . sadistic score...
DGY » oooops...guess i shold have heard the whole story before shooting off like that....
lif » prof voon invited his whole pbl grp for his tutorial, tts y there were so many pple..
Denise » omg goei you're mad!
plock » yes class rep..ur only 2 and a half years late=p
liang » heyhye..who says i don't know the addy of this blog.i'm here now ain't i...hmph
liang » heyhye..who says i don't know the addy of this blog.i'm here now ain't i...hmph
DGY » thanks denise!
Caprifoliacae » is make-up a necessity?? O_o
RoN » lol... clothes are necessities what...
line » oh btw daryl, thanks for e msg on msn...i wasnt THAT busy, and no I do not shop THAT much..haha
line » it was not was like.. for necessities for the room. plus they confiscated my makeup at immigration =P
Denise » haha stocking up on clothes already? you'll have to come back with 5 suitcases in the future
line » Hello. Decided to leave a message, how y'all doing? I just missed the bus to the mall =( Now I have less of a shopping headstart..hahaha
DGY » hahaha...i actually was meant to post this the day before...but i forgot...
Denise » are you saying Fish Eat Fish and 10 Days in the USA wasn't good enough for you Daryl? haha
plock » ooOOoo caroline you are seeing marcus?
line » hey marcus will I be seeing you at the airport?
RoN » u'd prob down pes if u had no teeth
DGY » nick wants to pull out all 32 teeth so he can get leave from army for a really long time...haha...
line » Din Tai Fung, Paragon, 6 August 12 pm. Cya all!
RoN » haha, cant make it on Sunday cos I'll be away shooting a machine gun
kai » why wld you wanna extract all 32 teeth??
DGY » hahahahahaha! sometimes just mentioning u were going to say something mean is good enough!
denise » hahaha i was going to make a mean comment but i decided against it
nick » haha i would extract all the 32 teeth in my mouth if i could...=( haha sigh but then i'd look like a fool.
kai » eggtart. i told you those are NOT aussie words. ;\
line » Hey everyone, is SUNDAY, 6 AUGUST LUNCHTIME ok for you guys? if not, pls tell me NOW! haha
eggtart » u and ur funny aussie words...
kai » haha plock what a ninny. 0_0 but then again im not surprised. hehe
plock » haha and if ur in army u shld extract it one by one...den u have 1 mths worth of att c in ur mouth!
RoN » u shld haf extracted it during army.. den u get 1 week att c
Caprifoliacae » Hamster Goei!!!
Denise » hahaha paul you're an idiot!
plock » oh sorrie mr loH haha hes in there coz he handsome mah....sorrie samurai..hes taken=p and u dun wanna trifle with her=p haha
kai » whats he in there for?? prez scholar??
Denise » paul it's LOH wei-liang!
Caprifoliacae » wouldn't tt be too late already?? -_-" btw, line proposed 5th aug? hopefully we can meet then as a start
alk » yes pls in 4 wks time after i get back from taiwan
jish » oh and can we have another gathering, pls pls pls? before all the us/uk ppl leave... i haven't been able to attend any thanks to army!
jish » hey did u all know that mich left? for melbourne u to study commerce.. so sad
Caprifoliacae » Nah.. .its mostly because of new regulations demanding such "safety devices" outside schs to prevent accidents fm happening. =/ that's why they had the traffic light there in the 1st place. O_o
lif » hello! our blog's really quiet... how's everyone??
Caprifoliacae » Its not all fish bone!! There's actually lotsa meat left on the fish too. My grandma buys them for making soup. yup...
RoN » i think its more to do with time than distance, so they haf to ask u.
jonk. » fearlessly we lead with pride. training hard, full of might. train to lead by day and night.
jonk. » leaders of six men to SET. THE. PACE.
Caprifoliacae » i don't think its moral to throw donation cards on the floor....
kai » haha dont worry daryl...after your MBBS degree, you wld come back several ranks higher than him then you can tekan him and throw HIS donation card on the floor haha